Leah Faul scales 15,000 Cubits without sales support

Combining the power of Calendly + Zapier to track effective marketing performance

Founder and Digital Marketing Director Leah Faul of 15,000 Cubits maximizes Calendly for full marketing cycle tracking. Calendly gives the content marketing firm’s small staff the benefits of a sales department without the cost of hiring employees or acquiring an expensive sales software.

Scaling sales with automation and integration

Leah splits her time between two efforts—as the owner-director of 15,000 Cubits and as a part-time, in-house marketing strategist for another firm. She has no time or revenue to waste on complex business development solutions.

And yet, one of her biggest challenges is trying to find 15,000 Cubits’ target market and scale the business. Since she doesn’t currently have the high volume of leads she would need to warrant an expensive CRM or sales platform, she says, “Calendly bridges the gap for us and let’s us use Zapier, Google Drive and Google Docs to automate in a much cheaper fashion.” It works as their sales team and scales with them without requiring intensive hiring or onboarding.

Leah says the UI for the end user is almost always an issue for another product, but Calendly’s easy-to-use interface means never losing a lead to frustration. Because anyone can follow the link to schedule a consultation with 15,000 Cubits without setting up an account or downloading software, Calendly never causes friction with a lead. This gives Leah more clients and the ability to keep scaling the business.

Tracking lead generation through content marketing

Calendly has even helped 15,000 Cubits to hone in on its target market by tracking content marketing efforts.

Leveraging the Zapier integration, Leah automatically maps all new leads’ info to a Google sheet where it is automatically tagged and logged. Using Calendly’s reporting and integrations, Leah is able to see the channel, marketing content piece and even author that a lead responded to.

The team can further track what types of content people respond to, where it performs best and which leads prove to convert and become ideal clients.

“We put Calendly links in our articles and tag them, so we know where our leads are driving from. Lots of companies struggle with that, even those that spend hundreds [or thousands] of dollars on marketing software.”

While 15,000 Cubits’ content drives lead generation, Calendly is the support that ensures those leads aren’t lost. Proving to be more than a scheduling tool, Calendly enables full cycle content marketing and eliminates the need for a sales team.


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Leah Faul scales 15,000 Cubits without sales support

Combining the power of Calendly + Zapier to track effective marketing performance

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