Beaird Harris innovates wealth management with white-glove service

Increasing customer access to financial advising and balancing wealth managers’ workloads

Beaird Harris is a certified public accounting and fee-only wealth management firm based in Dallas. The firm provides integrated tax and wealth management services to financially established individuals, families, businesses and healthcare professionals.

Beaird Harris prides themselves on providing white-glove, quality service. This top notch customer experience is a key differentiating factor among competition. There are many financial firms out there; however, not all firms can make the client experience seamless, quick and enjoyable.

By automating how clients schedule meetings with wealth managers through Calendly, Beaird Harris staff is able to spend time with clients whenever necessary.

Giving your clients the time and attention they deserve

In the past, Beaird Harris advisors would have to go back and forth over email with clients to find a time to meet. The firm needed to find a scheduling solution that would reduce the administrative burden on the advisory team.

The wealth managers at Beaird Harris use Calendly by including a scheduling link via an icon in their email signatures. Additionally, a personalized link is included within each client portal page for quick access if a client needs to schedule a meeting while reviewing their investment performance or financial plan. This integration allows the advisory team to save time and tame their email inboxes. Their clients also appreciate the flexibility to schedule meetings at times that are most convenient for them.

Beaird Harris no longer has to spend valuable time or additional resources to hire administrative staff; Calendly takes care of scheduling. Time saved by using Calendly has allowed advisors to spend more time with clients focusing on important issues like investment management, financial planning, risk management and estate planning-enabling them to deepen relationships with their clients and provide an unprecedented customer experience.

Focusing on what matters—better customer relationships

By implementing Calendly into its workflow, Beaird Harris has innovated its customer experience and added a dimension to its business that truly differentiates from the competition. The firm has been able to decrease frustration among advisors and continue to expand its customer base.

Because they are not double-booked or overwhelmed with administrative tasks, managers are now free to give their clients as much time as they need. People know they can come to Beaird Harris to receive quality attention from a wealth manager that they can trust.


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