Bench removes admin complication to focus on customer experience

Leveraging Calendly to increase productivity—benefiting both the client and company

Bench is both a SaaS and people-powered service that handles the entire bookkeeping process for entrepreneurs and small business owners, allowing them to get back to doing what they’re passionate about.

Robert Pintwala, account manager at Bench, works to perfect methods for alleviating client stress with remarkable service.

Finding time for account management and business growth

As typical of many startup companies, Bench’s team is small and requires everyone to wear multiple hats to get the job done. Even though Rob is an account manager by title, he also works closely with the product team to implement client feedback and develop partnerships for the company.

Rob schedules calls with prospects, current clients and potential partners. Before using Calendly, he was required to manage every other employee’s calendar as well.

“With our old system, if employees wanted to manage their calendars, we had to pay around $50/person. The price and complicated process were too much for us.”

Ultimately, Rob had a lot to manage without the adequate resources for customer support. He knew he needed to quickly find a solution.

Scaling the solution for company-wide benefits

When Bench adopted Calendly, Rob no longer spent hours on admin tasks, but could focus on accounts and growth. This relieved a huge burden for Rob and allowed him to be more productive, benefiting both the client and company.

“Although you wear many hats at a startup, this has allowed me to only wear the hats I like to wear—the ones that directly impact our growth.”

Calendly’s admin and team features allow Rob to efficiently manage his coworkers’ calendars when necessary. Simultaneously, it gives them the power to manage their own availability and scheduling at a low cost. For a fast-growing company like Bench, this was important for scale. Case in point, Bench now has over 150 employees leveraging Calendly to alleviate client stress and make bookkeeping simple.

If that wasn’t enough, Rob also found that the look and feel of the Calendly software complement Bench’s need for modern design. “The UI and UX are vastly better, which we put on a pedestal. Calendly aligns with our brand nicely.”

Now that scheduling is managed automatically, Rob—like Bench’s clients—can focus on what matters.


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