Blueprint Registry improves onboarding process and customer satisfaction

Providing everything registrants need in one place, with intentional customer service

Kristin Partin is a customer success concierge and Shannon Clark is the director of customer success at Blueprint Registry, an all-in-one wedding gift registry based on the layout of your home. Its signature room-by-room shopping experience, cash funds and ability to add any gift from any retailer has made Blueprint Registry a favorite for over 100,000 customers. The registry service is beautiful, clean and easy to use.

Blueprint Registry needed to manage a high volume of customer onboarding calls with a small support team, while delivering the highest quality of service. With just a two-person customer support team, Kristin and Shannon handle all support tickets, general customer calls and onboarding calls. To ensure they have time to complete their other tasks, they each set aside 2-hour time blocks in their day to take onboarding calls.

Personalizing gift registration

Each customer has unique needs, tastes and ideas on how their registry should look and what it should contain. Blueprint Registry offers 15-minute onboarding calls to answer any questions about the product and gauge how its customers would like to use the registry, so the team can provide recommendations on the best features to use. These onboarding calls ease concerns and clear up any confusion with the product to make the experience more personal and impressive.

Implementing a tool like Calendly has been key to the success of Blueprint Registry’s team. As a first point of contact, the team includes a Calendly link in the email customers receive post sign-up, as well as within their FAQ and benefits pages. Before using Calendly, Kristin and Shannon were only scheduling one call each per week. Now, they are each taking two calls per day.

Adding value to the product

Helping customers set up and fully utilize the product is critical for the growth and expansion of Blueprint Registry’s customer base. Personal account setup calls add value that customers may never inherently discover. When that value is created and communicated, customers are then excited to share the product which creates virality.

Calendly has helped the team at Blueprint Registry handle a high volume of customers, onboard them smoothly and quickly gauge satisfaction with the product. With a small but growing team, certain responsibilities can fall through the cracks. However, Blueprint Registry desires to always put its customers first and provide the highest level of service. Combining the use of Calendly with their team's stellar skills has enabled them to do just that.


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