John Doherty tames a busy schedule while managing three business roles

Making time for clients as an SEO consultant, entrepreneur and agency coach

John Doherty is the CEO and founder of Credo as well as an SEO consultant and agency coach. As he describes, his day-to-day looks like doing “anything and everything.”

Remaining productive is key to John’s success. In order to meet regularly with his clients, managing a personal schedule and three different work schedules was nearly impossible. John needed a tool to streamline the process and organize his availability.

Keeping track of every meeting without an assistant

Now, John uses Calendly to schedule all of his meetings. He customizes his availability based on the type of meeting he is scheduling so that he can block schedule according to each business role and remain both productive and focused. He even prevents last minute meetings by setting a minimum advanced notice required to schedule. Unnecessary back-and-forth emails to schedule with clients no longer overwhelm his inbox, and the important ones don’t get lost in the shuffle.

“Because of Calendly, I’ve been able to segment my time and balance what I’m focusing on.”

He simply sends a link to a prospective or current client and asks them to schedule a time that works best for them. Intelligent time zone detection clears up any confusion and puts the meeting on the client’s calendar in their time zone and on John’s calendar in his time zone. Through Calendly, John also adds automatic buffers before and after meetings to make sure he stays on top of his work and remains punctual.

Focusing on business growth as a sales team of one

On top of juggling his busy schedule, John’s small company is growing, which requires that he field all sales inquiries while he builds out his sales team. To handle all inquiries on his own, John embeds Calendly on the Credo website where interested customers can immediately schedule a time to talk with him. He found that using Calendly directly on the site has increased conversions—from talking to 50% of customers who inquire to 80%.

“It was easy to set up and it’s just a system that works—I can tweak as I go and it’s easy for me to manage.”

With the help of Calendly, John has been able to automate admin tasks that were consuming his schedule and take on more meetings related to each of his roles.


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