Preston Attebery of DesignCue makes remote work easier and more efficient

Managing a team of freelance designers and making remote collaboration possible

Preston Attebery is the founder of DeisgnCue, a curated network of freelance designers that helps startups with design for apps, logos, websites and more—in order to grow their business.

Preston spends each day coordinating with his freelance designers and overseeing all design projects. As a founder, his responsibilities include setting the vision and direction of the company, building out and enhancing DesignCue’s offerings, as well as handling daily communication with designers and clients.

Collaborating effectively with freelancers

Working with freelancers is challenging because they have other initiatives and projects in addition to work for DesignCue’s clients. Excellent project management and collaboration are top priorities.

All the designers on the team work remotely, so coordination between Preston and a designer or the client and a designer is handled via video conference or phone call. For Preston, getting in touch with his designers to brief them on an upcoming project and the client’s needs wasn’t always an easy task. Preston was constantly trying to find the best time to confer with his designers and it took a lot of time and communication.

“Using Calendly has helped me cut down on unnecessary Slack messages, check-ins and conversations about logistics. The back and forth to find a suitable time to meet is a total drag, I want to get to the good stuff and Calendly helps me do that.”

Scheduling project check-ins and managing remote meetings is now so much simpler for Preston and the DesignCue team, with Calendly. Even though the designers are located all over the world, with intelligent time zone detection, Preston never has to worry about figuring out what time works best elsewhere. Calendly takes care of that for him. Now Preston’s inbox and Slack channels aren’t crowded with meeting requests, and he can focus on leading his team.

Prioritizing leadership responsibilities

By scheduling meetings and calls with his designers through Calendly, Preston has been able to use his time the way he wants—building DesignCue, expanding his network of designers and working on his other entrepreneurial endeavors.

One of the best parts of implementing Calendly is the 15-minute setup and the ability to share a link for scheduling right away. The return on the investment is well worth it for Preston, because he now saves at least 30 minutes every single day, allowing him to collaborate effectively with designers and clients.


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