Henrico County Schools gives students a competitive edge with technology instruction

Enabling multi-school technology resourcing with one scheduling and reporting tool

Today, students need to develop skills in technology from a much younger age, prompting several counties to adopt computer science programs for K-8 schools. Schools are hiring instructional technology resource teachers (ITRT) to provide students the competencies they need to be competitive later in the workforce.

Jessica Robinson is one of these resource teachers, bringing technology instruction to the classrooms of four elementary schools within Henrico County, Virginia. She supports the technology needs of over 150 teachers and countless students.

Planning ahead and staying organized, even with an irregular schedule

Throughout the day she is in and out of classrooms, meeting with teachers to coach them and offer support, plan lessons or co-teach. No day has the same schedule and yet Jessica has to come prepared. When a fellow ITRT in her county told Jessica about using Calendly, she immediately recognized the value of a simple scheduling tool. Before long, she convinced her boss to purchase accounts for the entire team.

Without Calendly, the ITRTs received a high volume of meeting requests through a Google form. Then they had to send a calendar invite, agree on a time and constantly update their calendar if things changed. They were also responsible for emailing teachers with reminders.

Jessica now sends teachers to her technology resource blog, where they click on a button to launch her Calendly scheduling page and select an option for lesson planning or co-teaching. With custom questions about the teacher’s request, Jessica knows what resources to bring with her to school each day.

“Lesson requests started coming in one after another because it was so simple to use.”

With a scheduling tool that syncs to her Google calendar and automatically sends meeting reminders, Jessica’s fear of getting lost in all the emails is completely erased.

Proving your time is valuable with reporting metrics that work for any industry

Jessica and the other ITRTs coach a handful of teachers at each of their schools and a huge deliverable is proof that they’ve been meeting with their teachers routinely throughout the year. Jessica is now able to pull a report from Calendly to show how often she met with her teachers, including exact dates and frequency with each teacher, which she puts into her annual evaluation plan.

Jessica has scheduled over 800 meetings with her teachers through Calendly over the course of 2 years, saving her hundreds of hours of productivity. For Jessica and her fellow ITRTs, Calendly provides an invaluable service that keeps their work focused on the primary goal of education. It’s easy to set up, the teachers love it and everyone has more time in their day for students.

To all the ITRTs out there, Jessica promises you,

“Your world is going to change when you start using Calendly.”


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