Ryan Ruud makes time for purposeful networking in the midst of running Lake One

Taking control of a busy schedule to build external relationships

Ryan Ruud, founder and CEO of digital marketing agency Lake One, has a lot on his plate. When he’s not working on business development and client strategy, he’s networking with like-minded peers and mentees. Ryan believes in the importance of building relationships with those outside of his organization to gain new perspectives, offer advice and break up the work week.

Evaluating scheduling software for the best time-to-value

Ryan sought a platform to help juggle his many responsibilities and eliminate back-and-forth emails. After reviewing 12 solutions, Calendly was the clear winner.

Ryan had Calendly up and running in 5 minutes and started seeing immediate value soon thereafter. He quickly and easily created separate event links that aligned best with his meeting needs—some for in-person meetings and others for phone calls—and also customized his availability.

After initial setup, Ryan rarely has to go back into Calendly to make changes. He manages his availability right inside of Google Calendar, and his anxiety over the daunting back-and-forth email exchange has completely vanished.

“No other platform could hold a candle to Calendly. It’s easy to use on my side and for my invitees. I’ve had so many people respond with, ‘That’s the coolest thing ever! Where did you find that?’”

In his business and outside of it, building positive relationships is key. And Ryan’s invitees appreciate the ease of scheduling as much as he does.

Controlling a busy schedule through automation

Ryan operates under an “open door policy” and shares his Calendly link publicly on his LinkedIn profile and in his email signature. While Ryan does want to meet with as many people as he can, he also wants to do it on his own terms. Calendly’s customization options help with that.

Ryan makes himself entirely available for external prospect and client calls and off-site networking meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while blocking off the rest of the week to focus on internal work. He adds buffers to his off-site meetings to ensure he can get across the city in time for the next meeting.

“So much of my company’s growth has come from [external] relationships. I want to make sure that I’m able to keep growing a healthy network, which comes from making it easy for people to connect with me. Calendly makes that possible.”

Now, Ryan doesn’t spend hours per week trading emails, but he’s scheduling more meetings. With Calendly, everything’s set up and ready to go for him.


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