Nomad Financial finds a way to fit into the busy entrepreneur’s schedule

Using automated schedule coordination to provide tailored financial services

Andrew Klein runs Nomad Financial’s Seattle office, a company that provides financial services specifically designed to meet the needs of startups. They pride themselves on catering to each individual client’s needs, knowing that new businesses have a lot of questions and need ongoing support.

“It’s really fulfilling work. It’s having that entrepreneur ethos that really sets us apart.”

Balancing privacy with transparency

In order to meet one-on-one with clients, Andrew was spending hours every day coordinating calendars. Before using Calendly, Nomad Financial’s goal of helping entrepreneurs to scale was hindered by the scheduling process.

Andrew tried to provide transparency and ease by making his calendar public to clients, but even this required three or more emails to finalize an appointment. On top of that, Andrew was limited in what information he could put in his calendar in order to protect confidentiality of clients and his own privacy.

Then a client sent Andrew their Calendly link.

Expediting scheduling for the busy entrepreneur

After Andrew experienced scheduling in just a few clicks, he immediately wanted to replicate that kind of availability and ease for the clients at Nomad Financial.

By using Calendly, Andrew has eliminated a minimum of three emails per meeting scheduled, which not only aids his productivity, but delights his busy entrepreneurial clients. He has also increased client appointments to as many as eight per day by removing the administrative burden of scheduling. By adding automatic, 15-minute buffers before and after meetings, Andrew stays prepared and fresh without losing out on productivity.

Calendly also makes it easier to follow up with prospects after networking events. Instead of offering several upcoming dates for a meeting, Andrew sends the link to his scheduling page. This allows the prospect to decide when to meet with Andrew in a low-pressure way that appeals to them.

Fewer emails, automatic padding between meetings and simplified lead follow-up let Andrew focus on what matters: helping entrepreneurs succeed.

“Scheduling is no longer a pain point. With all my potential times available on Calendly, it really does make the process easier—both for entrepreneurs and for me.”


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