Pasco eSchool implements software overnight to stay connected with remote students

Empowering teachers to support the educational needs of students with convenience and immediacy

Pasco eSchool is a virtual public K-12 school based in Pasco County, Florida with over 100 local teachers serving hundreds of full and part-time students. All the teachers schedule a variety of appointments every week, including welcome calls for new students, monthly parent and teacher phone calls with the student, discussion-based assessments and academic support calls.

Pasco eSchool empowers students to learn time management so they can make the most of their education while going at their own pace. Despite being a virtual school, their staff is passionate about providing the same level of communication and support to their students as a brick-and-mortar school. In order to do this, the school requires the best technological tools for its staff and teachers who engage with remote students frequently on a one-on-one basis.

Giving teachers more control and flexibility over student management

The scheduling software Pasco eSchool used before Calendly required heavy administration, which delayed important meetings with students. Danny Sesker, the Learning Design Coach, had to create each appointment from a student request and then assign it to the correct teacher. The teachers couldn’t control details like how much notice students had to give before a meeting or how many total appointments a teacher had in a day.

Calendly provided a solution by eliminating the need for approval of appointments by an admin, while still allowing for centralized templating, reporting and billing. Now teachers can manage their own workload and connect with students quickly to give them support without the scheduling headache.

Providing speedy implementation that doesn’t disrupt ongoing workflows

Because students can enroll and start classes year-round at Pasco eSchool, new technologies and support tools have to be implemented quickly and easily so that there’s no interruption in students’ education. The administration was blown away by how quickly Calendly was implemented and launched. Danny was able to set up a meeting template and onboarded all 100 teachers by sharing five short video tutorials on how to use the tool. They were up and running overnight.

“Overall, it’s been the smoothest transition we’ve ever had switching systems or even rolling out a new system.”

After looking at 30 different scheduling tools, the deciding factor in selecting Calendly was the ability it gave teachers to manage themselves and act promptly without waiting on an admin to schedule or revise appointments for them. This cut out what used to be a 48-hour delay between appointment requests and teacher assignments. Now, education is uninterrupted and students can get the resources and support they need immediately.


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