Ethical fashion brand, Sseko Designs, equips brand fellows faster

Using Calendly to increase application conversions and improve candidate experience

Adrienne Del Monte serves as the community manager for Sseko Designs, an ethical fashion brand supporting women in Uganda. Sseko Designs is a direct to consumer, social-selling company that empowers women in the states to sell and distribute the brand’s clothing, made in East Africa. The proceeds benefit young women in Uganda who want to receive a higher education and the sellers receive an income to support and empower their dreams too.

Improving application conversion with immediate scheduling options

Adrienne interviews and provides education and support to women interested in becoming Sseko Fellows to sell the brand’s goods. When women apply for the program, she interviews to make sure they’re a good fit and answer any questions. If they agree to the opportunity, she also onboards the new fellow and checks in over the first few months to make sure that each woman is successful and has the resources she needs to have a great experience.

Because applicants roll in through the website, day and night, Adrienne needed a scheduling solution that didn’t require her to be responsive 24/7, but still enabled women to apply and schedule at the height of their interest in Sseko.

Increasing ROI through efficient scheduling at a low cost

By embedding a Calendly link on their web application, Adrienne enabled interested women to schedule an interview as soon as they applied. Using Zapier, a scheduled interview triggers their application status to change from “Applied” to “Interviewing” in Zoho CRM. If the applicant chooses not to schedule their interview at the time of application, Zoho CRM will send an email after 24 hours asking them to schedule. Sseko is also able to use Calendly’s integration with Zapier to trigger SMS notifications with Click-Send. Applicants can get confirmations and respond to cancel via text, and this will also prompt an application status change in Zoho CRM.

“Calendly is super helpful and efficient. It’s such a step up.”

With Calendly’s automatic time zone detection and easy embed options, Sseko Design is able to schedule with interested brand advocates from all over the country. They’ve seen an increase in application conversions, beating their initial goal and consistently meeting their new goal of 40% conversion.

Affordable, easy and now integral, Calendly provides Sseko Design value daily without the need to adjust or manage it.


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