Startup UCLA provides entrepreneurial support to university students

Simplifying administrative work for a small team with automation and integration

Jerry Ciolino is the program and marketing coordinator for Startup UCLA, a program connecting university students with free resources and services on starting a business, nonprofit or social enterprise. One of Startup UCLA’s main goals is to connect as many students as possible with venture consultants who advise and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

With almost 45,000 students at UCLA, Jerry and the team have plenty of campus outreach to do, and the team’s clunky process for scheduling with consultants wasn't cutting it.

Streamlining meeting requests to focus on students

Before adopting Calendly, Startup UCLA used a Google form to collect requests for meetings. Students would input their contact info and Jerry would have to sift through the responses, copy their contact info to a Google sheet and coordinate the schedule of the consultants with the needs of the requesting student. He would then follow up with a confirmation email once the meeting was finally scheduled and if there was a cancellation, this whole process would have to repeat again in order to reschedule.

Startup UCLA implemented Calendly by linking to its scheduling page on its website. Students are empowered to meet with whichever consultant has expertise in their area of interest and can schedule the meeting according to their availability, whether that’s in between classes, pitch nights or thesis writing.

Each consultant can manage their own schedule even if they’re part-time or only available a couple times a week. Students love the ease of scheduling around their priorities, and Jerry appreciates that it saves him from sorting through documents and answering emails.

Integrating administrative tasks under one tool

The biggest benefit—by far—is the team’s ability to coordinate schedules and processes seamlessly. This gives staff more time to develop young entrepreneurs and deliver program support.

When a meeting is scheduled through Calendly, the Startup UCLA team collects data on interested students used for program tracking and reporting. Through a direct integration, Zapier automatically sends data from each meeting including time, date, participants and answers to custom questions, to be recorded in a Google sheet. In the same way, contact information for each student is automatically added to their newsletter subscription.

Startup UCLA proves how simple, yet powerful, a tech solution like Calendly can be. Relieving the pain of scheduling provides the opportunity to reach more people through your business or organization.


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