Susie Romans empowers clients and makes more time for business growth

Implementing Calendly to achieve work-life balance as an entrepreneur

As a longtime manager of business development for a digital agency, Susie Romans knows a lot about lead generation, sales and marketing. An “entrepreneur at heart,” she used her business development experience to form her own consultancy, and now helps women create and run their own online businesses.

Spending time on what matters most

In running her own consultancy, Susie was faced with two main problems: wasting time scheduling sessions with clients by email (as it often took 10 messages back and forth to decide on a time) and losing leads in the disorganized shuffle. She saw the negative effects of these issues and knew she needed to find a solution as soon as possible. Calendly helped her overcome both of these challenges.

By automating session scheduling, Susie is able to stress less and invest more of her time into producing content, increasing profits and growing her business.

“Instead of having to sit at my computer and play secretary, I can work on books or articles that are going to help me grow my business.”

Valuing clients’ time

Susie coaches busy entrepreneurs just like herself. She understands how important it is to make tasks, like scheduling a session, easy for herself and her clients, because the time of everyone involved is precious. That’s why Susie loves using Calendly. It’s a professional and easy way to get more clients on her calendar while being respectful of their time and full schedules.

“Calendly is such a huge time and stress-saver. To not worry—and instead—allow my clients to book sessions on their own is easy for me and empowering for them. I don’t have to remind anyone, and I don’t have to put prospective clients through a difficult or clunky system.”

As an entrepreneur, Susie has to balance a fluctuating schedule and manage many priorities all on her own. Calendly not only gives her returns on her business, but on her personal time, too. The biggest benefit she found from using Calendly was having more time to spend with her family. Because earning more at a quicker rate equates to less time on the computer and more time spent with the people who matter most.


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