Engel Jones shares Twelve Minute Convos with listeners around the world

Scheduling thousands of podcast interviews more efficiently

Engel Jones is the creator of Twelve Minute Convos, a podcast that tells the unique stories of entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and business professionals. His mission is to create active online communities powered by warm, inspiring and authentic conversations, helping guests and listeners create a brand of Y.O.U.R.S. (Your Own Unique Real Self) through his 12-minute podcast.

“With so many people entering the online space, this gives an opportunity for guests to show who they really are.”

Scheduling with a high volume of guests around the world

Twelve Minute Convos has become enormously popular, with guests from across the world sharing their stories. While Engel doesn’t have to send as many prospecting emails or invitations to fill his interview queue, he was still trading tons of emails to try and schedule with busy guests across time zones.

Engel needed an easy way to schedule with guests in high volume. With a full-time job and a booming podcast, Engel’s calendar is full. He can’t afford to get double-booked, stood up or for meetings to run over into the next. Calendly provided a solution to all these issues, allowing Engel to take work into his own hands and offer even more opportunities to professionals sharing their stories.

Growing a network of professionals sharing their unique stories

Engel records his podcasts from September to December of each year, in what he refers to as a “three month sprint.” He uses Calendly to schedule four 12-minute calls in an hour. Automatic time zone detection and self-service scheduling ensure that his guests agree to a call at a time that’s convenient for them as well as for Engel. Calendly sends out automatic custom reminders to his guests, which he has set to send 24 hours, 8 hours and 1 hour before the interview. This reduces no-shows and helps keep interviews running on time.

By implementing Calendly, Engel saw a shift in his productivity and began to grow a large network of entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and business professionals. Guests love how convenient and quick scheduling is just as much as Engel.

Engel increased interview scheduling month after month by using Calendly. In fact, he scheduled an average of 333 interviews a month during his quarterly sprints—nearly 67 hours of podcasting.

Interviews scheduled increased 8.3x in three months of using Calendly.

Now, his podcast slots are in higher demand than ever before. With Calendly, Engel has scheduled over 1,000 interviews in a three month sprint, allowing Twelve Minute Convos to build an incredible network of professionals sharing their unique and impactful stories with the world.


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