Villanova Preparatory School automates hundreds of admission interviews

Maximizing availability and efficiency while scheduling across time zones

Villanova Preparatory School is an Augustinian Catholic co-ed day and boarding school located in the California town of Ojai. With over 60% of students coming from outside the United States, the admissions department at Villanova Prep has a lot of scheduling challenges to contend with.

Organizing interviews and tours for optimal admissions quality

Between traveling for recruitment, on-site tours and long-distance admission interviews, director of admission Tyler Hart has multiple events with different needs and associates to assign. During peak admission season, the team has hundreds of interviews and tours to complete in just a few weeks.

It’s imperative that they stay organized and offer availability to as many prospective students as possible. As they interview more students, they are able to build a class profile that aligns with their values, helping them to achieve their mission of preparing mature and distinguished high school students for college.

Tyler knew he needed to cut out trading emails and time zone math confusion to maximize interviews for his team. He had previously used various scheduling apps, but nothing compared to the ease that he experienced with Calendly.

“When you are suffering through the back and forth of scheduling, Calendly eliminates all of that. It’s the best scheduling assistant that I’ve come across.”

Automating scheduling across the world for maximum efficiency

Villanova Prep now uses Calendly for several scheduling needs including in-person and Skype admission interviews, campus tours, family orientations and financial aid consultations. For each, Tyler is able to use different features and settings in Calendly to offer the best availability to prospective students while creating the most efficient workflow for his staff.

After collecting applications, Hubspot uses Zapier to trigger an automatic email when an application reaches a certain percentage of completion. The email prompts the applicant to schedule an interview either on campus or through Skype. Interviews are assigned round robin to the admissions staff through Calendly. This way, no one rep gets bogged down with too many interviews and everyone’s individual calendars are read to ensure availability.

Automatic time zone detection proves crucial for scheduling with so many international students and eliminates mistakes. Even though the admissions staff takes interviews outside of business hours to provide availability to students in other parts of the world, if they have a personal or professional obligation, Calendly reads their calendar and assigns the the interview to the next available rep.

Group tour opportunities are only offered one Friday morning a month to maximize staff’s time. Private scheduling links are used for new student orientation and financial aid consultations for families so they’re available for scheduling only when pertinent.

Villanova now schedules hundreds of admission interviews within just a month. Those phone calls and tours would have taken tons of time to coordinate without automation. Tyler says Calendly has been very efficient, offering an easy solution to prospective students for them to self-schedule with a minimal amount of clicks.

“It’s the best thing out there. There’s nothing as flexible.”


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