Xero improves productivity and partnerships

Increasing scheduling flexibility and reliability to build a better brand

Xero makes bookkeeping approachable for business owners and CEOs.

But while Xero makes life easier for its clients, Xero’s scheduling system made life difficult for its own employees. We talked to developer relations manager, Riley James, about optimizing the process at Xero.

Identifying gaps and finding tools for success

Xero was risking its reputation on a faulty system and alienating potential partners.

“Our previous scheduling tool always had issues. It would sometimes fail to send out notifications or would double-book, making us look disorganized.”

As the main contact for Xero’s external API partners, Riley spends tons of time in meetings. Scheduling these by email was exhausting and a waste of time. Keeping track of time zones across three continents was also a nightmare.

Xero needed a new process that pointed to the ease of its product and put trust back in its brand. Calendly was what it was looking for.

Improving satisfaction among partners and employees

“Calendly works. I love that you can block out time around meetings. Before, I’d end up with four back-to-back meetings. And they’d often run over, so then I'd have to reorganize while holding meetings.”

Calendly also ensures Riley’s appointments are spaced throughout the week, rather than crammed into one day.

“Previously, whatever slots were open would get filled. I might have eight meetings one day, then none the rest of the week. Spacing those out lets me get back to other work.”

Now, Riley and his team are not only more productive, they can offer better service to their external partners. The long-term results are stronger partnerships that represent the Xero brand.

“We get more done, and can be more flexible with the time we offer our external partners. It makes all our lives easier.”


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