Kirk Williams of ZATO Marketing makes meetings more effective by taking control through automated scheduling

Using Calendly to avoid too many meetings that get in the way of productivity and hard work

Kirk Williams is a busy entrepreneur. As the owner and founder of ZATO Marketing, he’s constantly juggling several responsibilities like interacting with clients, discussing strategy with team members, preparing speaking sessions and so forth. You name it—Kirk probably does it.

He went from hating the idea of automated scheduling to trying Calendly and becoming addicted to it. It’s now a part of his day-to-day habit to share his scheduling link with prospects and clients. He includes his UberConference link in the event sign-up, so they can quickly schedule and have all the call details they need.

Controlling a busy schedule to focus on business goals

Kirk believes that, most of the time, you don’t have to spend your day in meetings to accomplish what you need to—and that the most productive moments are often not spent in meetings.

Calendly helps Kirk control his jam-packed schedule. He easily configures Calendly to set a limit on his number of meetings per day so he can get the rest of his work done.

“For me, the magic number of meetings scheduled per day is two. It keeps me sane, and still lets me have enough open time slots, so people can schedule meetings with me and not have to wait weeks.”

He blocks off the first hour in the morning and the last hour in the afternoon to ensure he’s only taking meetings when he’s performing at his highest. Fridays are Kirk’s catch-up day, so he always has it blocked to prevent taking meetings.

Preparing for the most efficient and effective meetings

When Kirk does have to spend time in meetings, he wants that time to be productive. He comes prepared by always including a custom question upon scheduling that asks his invitee if there’s anything specific they’d like him to prepare for the call. That way, he has an indication of the discussion topic, which makes the meeting more efficient.

“Before a meeting, I like to open necessary tabs, remind myself of previous conversations or meeting prep notes and be mentally ready for the next call.”

Kirk also puts 15-minute buffers before and after each call, giving him time to collect his thoughts post-meeting and prepare for the next one.

Calendly has completely changed Kirk’s view of automated scheduling and now he admits that he simply couldn’t live without it.


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