ZenProspect improves bottom line by increasing qualified leads

Creating an experience that puts the prospect first

ZenProspect, an all-in-one sales platform, was looking for a way to simplify and streamline its own demo and onboarding process. Founder, Roy Chung, shared how using Calendly eliminated the admin work of scheduling demos during key points in the sales cycle—including outbound selling, inbound lead requests and sales-to-customer success handoff for onboarding.

Delivering a frictionless customer experience

Roy knew his team needed to create a more enjoyable experience for prospects, which started with eliminating so many emails just to schedule a demo.

“The onus used to be on our team to go back and forth to schedule inbound requests, which got annoying for our leads.”

The sales team added Calendly links to the autoresponder email a lead receives after they request a demo. The benefits of optimizing this cadence were twofold: not only were prospects more satisfied, but ZenPropect was seeing an increase in the number of qualified leads on demos.

Using Calendly’s custom questions—like the size of the prospect’s team—helped collect qualifying information each time a prospect booked. As an added bonus, collecting this information upfront saves each rep about 15 minutes of time. ZenProspect succeeded in personalizing its demos, making a big difference to its bottom line.

“Gathering more information prior to the call helps us guide the conversation. Combined with the data ZenProspect collects, we can create a complete profile of the person before the call ever happens.”

Facilitating seamless handoff across team members

The ZenPropsect team is all about efficiency and with Calendly they’ve been able to improve internal processes while ensuring each account is moving through the cycle as intended. For example, SDRs use Calendly to secure demos and calls on behalf of AEs. In turn, this helps with the prospect experience.

“SDRs use Calendly to streamline outbound communication, so prospects aren’t going through hoops with them to get on a demo.”

The handoff process is continued once a deal is closed. AEs then pass along new customers to their success team to schedule onboarding calls, along with future 30/60/90-day check-ins.

“We want to be as accessible as possible to create a great experience for the client. There’s a synergy between Calendly and ZenProspect in that way. Calendly helps us make the journey so simple from the outset, through the entire customer lifecycle.”

By standardizing the sales process, ZenProspect has positioned its reps as a team of trusted advisors.


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