Culture Guide

We’ve written this Calendly Culture Guide with our vision, values and current challenges in mind. As a young, fast-growing company, it’s part who we are and who we are becoming. In sharing this honest description of our culture, we hope you find it helpful in determining whether joining our team is the right step for you.

Why Calendly exists

Calendly is on a mission to take the work out of connecting with others so that our customers can accomplish more.

How we accomplish our mission

We hope our mission is what attracts you to join Calendly, but we also realize the way that we execute that vision is what retains our best people. As we strive to become the market’s top automated scheduling platform, we measure our success by the volume of meetings we schedule and related tasks we automate for our customers. Though we’re a profitable business, success does not just equal revenue for us. As we build an innovative product with game-changing features, we ensure that we are having a positive impact on society as a whole.

Each of our goals is supported by vision, goals and metrics in our branding, business model, partnerships, customer experience, culture, operations and—most essentially—in our product.

Everything we do focuses on user experience, from design to how we answer help tickets. Our freemium model empowers customers to easily try the product and get real value with no strings attached. We are proud to be a word of mouth, low-touch business. Our viral success creates genuine advocates and ambassadors of Calendly. This allows us to invest in making a product that delights and saves time. We believe in self-funded growth and lean teams because it gives us the focus to make hard choices and deliver maximum customer value.

Calendly’s people are known as the very best in the industry. We hire and retain only those who exemplify our core values and add to our culture. We are motivated, intelligent people who are approachable, authentic and friendly. We welcome diversity and creativity to promote collaboration and innovation.

What we value in our team

Our four company values are a system. Each value is meant to reinforce and balance the others and we look for people who embody all four of these principles.

Start with human

We understand that our decisions and actions impact real people.

We actively pursue and thoughtfully consider the input of others.

We treat everyone with genuine respect.

We seek to understand first and acknowledge the work that has been done before offering new ideas.

Find a way

We never settle, constantly looking to improve everything we do.

We tackle new challenges head-on, refusing to be paralyzed by complexity.

We are both scrappy and creative.

We take action, adapt quickly and persevere in the face of obstacles until meaningful progress is made.

Focus wisely

We recognize that all things do not matter equally.

We are highly analytical in our approach, digging deep to discover the top priorities.

A bootstrapped mindset keeps our focus on what is most important.

We think “lean,” act resourcefully and refuse to compromise on quality.

Strive for excellence

We are self-starters who crave empowerment, actively pursue opportunities for impact, take initiative and swing big to move the needle.

We embrace both personal accountability and transparency.

We take ownership for results—good or bad—and learn from them.

Final thoughts

Calendly has ambitious goals. We not only want to change the way the world schedules, we are growing fast to execute our plan to expand our product offerings. We need more people to help us achieve this vision. Do you have what it takes?

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