Atlanta Tech Village offers an intentional and consistent member experience

Streamlining scheduling to focus on increasing sales and improving member relations

Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) is the fourth largest tech hub in the United States and home to more than 300 tech startups. As a growing company, it’s no surprise the ATV team focuses on a variety of tasks every day and needs tools that help simplify their workflow.

Developing relationships with prospective members

As a top tech incubator, ATV sells to individuals and companies interested in occupying workspace, from solo desks to office space for small teams or larger offices for companies with up to 50 employees.

ATV often facilitates tours with prospective members and others in the community. Whether general interest tours or VIP tours for city officials, executives of Fortune 500 companies, university representatives or ATV sponsors, ATV offers seamless group scheduling through Calendly—allowing unlimited prospective members from one group to sign up for the same slot.

Since implementing Calendly, ATV can handle a higher volume of tours more effectively. Scheduling in a streamlined, automated way gives the team more time to focus on facilitating meaningful tours to increase sales and build relationships.

"Scheduling meetings with potential sponsors, mentors and advisors can be a challenge as their schedules aren't always easy to coordinate, but Calendly takes the work out of scheduling so we can focus on connecting great people to the Village as efficiently as possible." —Kelly Anne O'Neill, Community Development Manager

In addition to group tours, each employee uses Calendly for their own one-on-one meetings to help them be more efficient and successful in their role.

Increasing member satisfaction

ATV is constantly focused on member satisfaction. They even offer free monthly massages and members sign up through Calendly as soon as the email goes out.

The team ensures all new members—both new companies and current tenants’ new hires—have a positive first experience in the building. The director of security facilitates building tours and equips new members with keycards and all other information for a seamless onboarding experience and warm welcome to the Village.

Scheduled through Calendly, ATV sets a maximum limit of 10 members per tour. As a result, there is more time to answer new members’ questions and get everyone set up as smoothly as possible.

Using Calendly to streamline scheduling allows the ATV team to be more productive and offers a seamless experience that every member appreciates.

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