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Customer Success + Account Management

Encourage engagement and improve retention with meaningful customer connections

Put your customers on the path to success

Properly onboarded customers are often the most successful. Offer a convenient way to sign up for training sessions, webinars and check-ins—either for one-on-one or group events.

Event type

Continue connecting with customers during key phases in their journey

For opportunities to renew or upgrade, Calendly offers increased accessibility for your customer to easily schedule with you.


Support customers through quick and effective problem solving

Answer questions and maximize use of your product or service. Whether you display team-wide availability, assign a team member to your customer round robin or use a one-to-one link, Calendly helps give your customers the support they deserve.


Ensure concerned customers schedule with the right people

Eliminate customer concerns during problem escalations by combining availability, so support specialists can collaborate across teams or add a superior to their resolution call.

Case Studies


Cengage uses Calendly to scale its sales and retention secret sauce

Maintaining a positive experience throughout the customer journey for long-term success


Blueprint Registry improves onboarding process and customer satisfaction

Providing everything registrants need in one place, with intentional customer service


Beaird Harris innovates wealth management with white-glove service

Increasing customer access to financial advising and balancing wealth managers’ workloads


Zenefits improves satisfaction across its customer base

Giving the team more time to run meaningful calls during peak times and beyond


Bench removes admin complication to focus on customer experience

Leveraging Calendly to increase productivity—benefiting both the client and company


UniversityTickets empowers clients to get the most from its software

Conducting more high quality client trainings to build customer success and loyalty

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