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Develop relationships with prospects while closing more deals

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Close more inbound deals

Ensure qualified leads schedule with your team. Avoid risking drop-offs and capture prospects at the height of their interest.

Improve performance of outbound campaigns

Use Calendly in outbound emails to drive interested prospects to easily schedule. Whether it’s a campaign led by sales reps or marketing, offer availability as a call-to-action to engage prospects and convert them to schedule.


Sell more effectively as a team

Selling isn’t always an individual effort. If one member of your team qualifies leads and schedules meetings to hand off to another team member for closing, Calendly aligns with that workflow. Allow your team to distribute meetings according to your own rules.


Integrate with Salesforce to give reps more selling time

With leads, contacts and opportunities automatically updated in Salesforce, eliminate manual data transfer and reduce unnecessary work for your reps.

Case Studies


Virtru doubles demos scheduled with Calendly

Connecting with inbound leads at the height of their interest

Promoter uses Calendly with Intercom to support business growth

Building a tech stack to effectively engage and convert website visitors, prospects and trial users


10-minute investment results in a 50% increase in selling time for Signpost

Making more time for selling with continual sales funnel engagement


Smarter outbound prospecting allows Geographic Farm to consistently meet its goals

Leveraging Calendly to meet goal of 500+ meetings scheduled a month


Cengage uses Calendly to scale its sales and retention secret sauce

Maintaining a positive experience throughout the customer journey for long-term success


ZenProspect improves bottom line by increasing qualified leads

Creating an experience that puts the prospect first


TrackVia personalizes interaction to increase sales and reduce customer churn

Engaging with users to guide them through the entire customer journey—even after the deal closes

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