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Calendly bridges the gap and lets us use integrations to automate in a much cheaper fashion.
Leah Faul, Owner, 15,000 Cubits

Maximize your current tools with Calendly

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Update CRM records as meetings are scheduled. Keep all your prospect, customer and partner information easily accessible in one database.
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Schedule quickly with candidates and update their profile with interview details to keep a competitive edge and deliver the best candidate experience.
Messaging Tools
Schedule with your invitees through their preferred method—whether text, email, chat or in-app message—to send automatic meeting confirmations and reminders.
Marketing Automation
Capture leads and schedule with them at the height of their interest through form submissions or CTAs in your marketing and sales campaigns.
Payments + Accounting
Avoid extra steps by collecting secure payment for service up front and automating the process of billing.
Include the link or details from your conferencing platform in your Calendly event—eliminating extra work for you and giving your invitees quick access.
It’s a big thing for me to spend the time to vet a tool and integrate it so heavily into my workflow. When I think about Calendly, I don’t manage it—it was a ‘set it and forget it’ situation. It’s ingrained in our workflow now, and it was so easy to do that.
Garrett Tichy, Owner, Hygge Coworking

Integration success stories


Sparking customer interest wasn’t an issue for Virtru, but not all inbound leads were scheduling demos. Embedding Calendly into its demo request “thank you” page helped to convert inbound leads—resulting in a 50% increase in demos scheduled.

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Studio Owners Academy

The Studio Owners Academy integrates its account with GoToMeeting, Stripe and Salesforce, cutting out additional steps so it can focus on bringing in clients and delivering optimum value.

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Geographic Farm

Using Calendly with Salesforce has improved Geographic Farm’s workflow. Calendly creates and updates records in Salesforce with all the information collected upon scheduling a meeting, giving the sales team as much insight into the prospect as possible.

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With Calendly’s Salesforce integration, all of Conductor’s meeting details are mapped to the CRM. The customer success team uses Zapier to send call information to Slack and Trello to keep their account management work flowing.

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15,000 Cubits

15,000 Cubits tracks its content marketing efforts with the help of Calendly’s Zapier integration. They map all new lead information to a Google sheet so the team can assess what content performs best and which leads convert to ideal clients.

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Startup UCLA

Through an integration with Zapier, Startup UCLA’s team of consultants have streamlined scheduling, data processing and communications. They automatically push data from each meeting to a Google sheet and send the invitee's email information to their MailChimp newsletter subscription.

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Hygge Coworking

Hygge Coworking uses Calendly with Stripe to automate scheduling and collect payments for recording sessions at its podcast studio. The integration has helped Hygge get maximum ROI from the studio and eliminate no-shows entirely.

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