Retain customers and grow relationships by connecting at critical moments

Calendly makes it easy to meet with clients when they need you most so you can help them be their most successful.

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Retention starts with onboarding

Make a better first impression with Calendly. Get more of your clients on the path to longterm success from the beginning.

Put more customers on the path to success

Properly onboarded customers are more successful. Simplify the handoff from sales to success by scheduling kick off calls as soon as they sign. Offer convenient ways to schedule training sessions, webinars and check-ins--either one-on-one or in a group.

“Companies that take the time to go through our one-on-one training become better customers for a longer period of time. Calendly enables us to schedule and keep more of those appointments.”

See how Cengage used Calendly to unite their sales and success teams to retain more customers.
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“Calendly has transformed how we interact with clients and deliver on projects. Everyone wins!”

A.C. Ivory,

Schedule with customers right when they need you

Calendly helps you create more customer touchpoints, giving you an opportunity to upsell and strengthen relationships. Add Calendly to your email check ins, newsletters, sales handoff emails and help center to improve customer engagement today.

Calendly helps Conductor connect with 4x more customers, causing 30% more renewals.
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Learn how Calendly improves every customer touchpoint—from kickoff through renewal.

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Enable your team to help more customers achieve success

Calendly increases your team’s capacity to manage accounts, upsell and give your customers the support they deserve. Pool team availability, assign a success manager or use a one-to-one link to connect with customers.

Calendly helps Bench serve more customers with scaleable processes.
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Integrate with Salesforce to give account managers fast access to better customer data

Automatically update contacts, accounts and opportunities in Salesforce. Eliminate manual data entry for your account managers, get richer data and better serve customers.

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Make the most of every touchpoint with powerful workflows and automations

  • Decrease meeting no-shows with automated email and text reminders
  • Ask custom questions and gather information before you meet
  • Maintain momentum by automatically sending a follow-up email to schedule your next call
Serve and retain more accounts

A 10% increase in retention results in a 30% increase in the value of a company. See how Calendly helps teams drive growth.

Integrate effortlessly with Salesforce, Intercom, Zoom, your marketing automation platform and more.

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Take advantage of these features

Round Robin Assignment

Distribute advising sessions and student interviews across your team

Collective Events

Offer a meeting with key members of your team at the same time

Time Zone Detection

Eliminate time zone confusion for students globally

Email + Text Reminders

Increase student show rates and have more productive meetings

Suggest Available Times

Send a scheduling link or embed your availability right in an email

Minimum Scheduling Notice

Prevent last minute meetings and stay prepared

Meeting buffers

Add extra time before or after events

Salesforce Integration

Eliminate manual data entry and cut down on admin time

Web-conference Integrations

Auto-populate conference details with Zoom or GoToMeeting

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