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Calendly automates scheduling throughout your pipeline, so you can meet, win and serve your best leads right now.

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of deals go to the vendor that responds first. Calendly helps you connect first every time.

Virtru uses Calendly to let prospects schedule right from their website and doubled demos scheduled.

Turn website visitors into scheduled meetings

Calendly lets you engage with your best leads in real-time, so your sales team can close more deals, fast. Reduce drop-off by immediately sending a scheduling link to leads that fill out your web form, or let qualified leads schedule right from your website.


of sales teams close more deals with Calendly.

Random survey of 3k+ Calendly users

Improve the performance of outbound prospecting

Your prospects get hundreds of emails a day. Stand out with a simple, clear and powerful scheduling call-to-action. By including a Calendly link in your outbound emails, prospects can easily engage and convert.

Signpost's sales reps were able to make sales in less time with scheduling links in emails to leads.
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Integrate with Salesforce to give reps more selling time.

Automatically update your leads, contacts and opportunities in real-time. Keep your customer data accurate and eliminate manual data transfer.

Connect Salesforce

Increase the speed of your sales pipeline

Inefficient meeting processes and back-and-forth emails slow down your sales cycle. Close deals faster by automatically scheduling your team's initial, mid-cycle and group meetings with all of the right people.

93% of sales teams achieve faster sales cycles with Calendly. Learn how Calendly can shorten your sales cycle.
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88% of sales users say meeting no shows have decreased.

Send automated reminders so prospects arrive on time and prepared for every meeting.

Improve your sales team’s effectiveness and efficiency

With Calendly you'll save countless emails and at least 15 minutes per meeting scheduled. Plus all of your team's meeting-related headaches (time zone math, adding conference details, double-booking) will be completely eliminated.

Learn how Geographic Farm integrated Calendly with Salesforce to save tons of time for its sales team.
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Integrate effortlessly with Salesforce, Intercom, Zoom, your marketing automation platform and more.

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Take advantage of these features

Round Robin Assignment

Distribute leads automatically (and evenly) to your entire team

Collective Events

Offer a meeting with key members of your team at the same time

Time Zone Detection

Make distance a non-issue and eliminate time zone confusion

Email + Text Reminders

Reduce no-show rates and have more productive sales meetings

Minimum Scheduling Notice

Prevent last minute meetings and stay prepared

Embed Customization

Schedule demos with leads directly from your website

Suggest Available Times

Send a scheduling link or embed your availability right in an email

Salesforce Integration

Eliminate manual data entry and cut down on admin time

Web-conference Integrations

Auto-populate conference details with Zoom or GoToMeeting

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