Getting started with Calendly


When you set up your new Calendly account, you probably connected one or more calendars that let us know you're available to meet. You can add additional calendars; we'll check them all and add booked events to one calendar you choose.

Now, fine tune how and when you get booked


Ensure that the right people book at the right time. Specify one or more event types to define when, how long, and other settings for different types of events. We set up 3 types of events (15, 30, and 45-minutes) on your home page. Use them as-is or change them to suit your needs.


For more information see:

Preview your personal scheduling site

So you'll know what invitees see, from your Calendly home page, copy your scheduling links and send them to yourself. Preview your:

  • landing page that shows all the types of events you offer, and

  • your event scheduling pages where your invitees book a specific type of event.


For more information see How to locate and share your Calendly link

Tip: You can customize your scheduling site with your welcome message, logo, and avatar (illustration of you) to reflect your brand. For information see Customizing your scheduling page

Share your schedule so others can book with you

  • Send your Calendly link by email or text so invitees can book on your personal scheduling site

  • Send a few times in an email so invitees can just respond to your email

  • Add your Calendly link to your email signature and professional profiles so anyone can book with you

  • Add Calendly scheduling to your website

Tip: Want to ensure invitees only book one type of event?
Send a link to an event scheduling page where they can only book that type of event.

For more information see Sharing your Calendly link and schedule

Some other things you can do...

  • Schedule on-the-go with the Calendly mobile app for iOS and Android

  • Add Calendly to your web browser, Gmail, or desktop to quickly copy your Calendly link as you work

  • Integrate Calendly with other apps like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Mailchimp, Facebook, and more

  • And if someone invites you to book using Calendly, log in to Calendly and see your schedule next to your host's available times

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