Controlling when others can schedule with you (availability)


How Calendly knows when you're available

Connect one or more calendars to your account.

Calendly will block times that are already on your calendar. Once meetings are booked, Calendly adds scheduled events directly to your calendar.

Connecting your calendar to Calendly

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Specify your schedule (working hours plus times when you're available to meet).

Calendly will allow invitees to book during time slots (intervals) when you're free. We can use your schedule to determine when you're available for all of your event types or you can specify when you're available for each type of event by setting custom hours.

Schedules and defining your availability

Other ways to fine-tune your availability

To control when others can book with you, set:

  • Availability increments that specify when events can start (e.g. every 30 minutes)

  • Maximum events daily by type of event

  • Minimum scheduling notice to prevent last minute bookings

  • Event buffer to allocate extra time before or after events

  • A range of dates to prevent invitees from booking too far into the future, including rolling days

Tip: If you have all-day events like birthdays or conferences on your calendars but still want to accept meetings, mark those times as “free” and Calendly will allow invitees to book those time slots.

Change your availability at any time

If you need to change your availability, your changes will apply only to future events (not those already booked). To change a meeting that's already booked, reschedule the event from your calendar.

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