Optimize your Calendly experience

Save time and schedule meetings faster, add Calendly to the tools you already use

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Share your Calendly scheduling link from your mobile device or from your browser

  • Download the Calendly mobile apps for iOS and Android from the App Store or Google Play store to schedule on the go

  • Add Calendly to your Firefox or Chrome browser's taskbar for quick access to your scheduling link

  • Use Calendly from Gmail or Microsoft Outlook to add your link or available times to an email

Automate tasks with Workflows

Use Workflows to automate tasks you typically perform before or after events, such as sending informational emails or wrap up information.

For more information see Automate tasks with Workflows.

Integrate Calendly with other tools you use

Reduce manual input and ensure real-time accuracy by integrating Calendly with the tools you use to manage client data, email campaigns, and more.

For more information see Integrating Calendly with other applications.