uses Calendly with Intercom to support business growth

Building a tech stack to effectively engage and convert website visitors, prospects and trial users, a platform that accurately measures customer sentiment and captures high-quality feedback to deliver actionable insights provided by Net Promoter®, focuses on an end-to-end customer experience to increase conversion and drive growth. This concentrated effort starts with website visitors and continues throughout every customer’s journey. relies on a tech stack that helps to make its team more efficient across sales and customer success.

Strategically communicating with website visitors to increase trial sign-up

Dana Severson, director of marketing at, manages all marketing initiatives and a big piece of that is website conversion optimization. Leveraging Intercom, a messaging platform that empowers businesses to have human conversations and create personalized experiences with users, interacts with its website visitors to convert them to trial users. understands it’s the more sales-ready leads who land on the website’s pricing page. There, Dana configured a pop-up message that gives pricing page visitors the opportunity to schedule a demo with the sales lead directly using a Calendly link. During the call, the sales rep not only facilitates a demo, but also encourages the prospect to sign up for the free trial to test drive themselves. also uses Calendly in outbound prospecting campaigns, which helps to seem less pushy by allowing prospects to pick the most convenient time to speak with a sales rep.

Optimizing trial-to-paid conversion

Once a user signs up for a free trial, has an automated trial sequence within Intercom to educate every trial user on best practices and ultimately encourage them to purchase upon trial completion.

Midway through the trial campaign, sends an email with a Calendly link that offers an opportunity to sign up for a demo with the sales rep to further educate trial customers on how to best to use, tailored to each user’s specific use case.

“Calendly has become an essential piece of our growth toolset used to convert prospects to qualified leads, visitors on our site to trial users and new trial users to paid customers. Calendly is a part of all of those efforts.”

Dana and the rest of the team love that Calendly makes it simple and convenient to schedule appointments with prospects and customers. And they don’t miss the typical, time-consuming email back and forth they were accustomed to prior to using Calendly.


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