Studio Owners Academy organizes effortless scheduling that delights

Using Calendly to eliminate double-booking and provide value to clients

Austin Roberson helps studio owners enroll more students and make a difference in their community through his online academy that teaches digital marketing. Taking a consultative approach, Austin and his administrative coordinator, Haylee Means, provide ongoing coaching and support via video conferencing with their clients. But the logistics of scheduling those calls was getting in the way of providing value to their clients.

Integrating Calendly into existing workflows and tools

Before using Calendly, Austin was getting double-booked. Like many business owners, he was trying to juggle scheduling along with all his other leadership responsibilities. The last thing Austin wants is to disappoint clients and make them feel under-valued. Yet, manually determining time zones, recording and tracking meeting details and finding available time risked making scheduling mistakes every time.

Studio Owners Academy needed a solution that was simple to use, fast to implement and flexible enough to fit their existing workflow. Calendly fit this criteria and optimized the academy’s scheduling process so they could retain valued clients.

Building systems that focus on a great client experience

The academy onboards new clients through a segmented email campaign. Each of the three emails in the sequence provide a Calendly link to a specific type of onboarding call, beginning with a kickstart call. For its top-level clientele, the academy provides ongoing coaching support calls. These clients are sent an invitation to schedule with Austin through their purchase receipt email. By sending invitations to schedule through their current communication outreach, there’s no added work for the academy’s team and their clients aren’t bombarded with unnecessary emails.

Austin blocks off Fridays for his calls and Calendly reads his custom availability so that he is never double-booked and every call gets put on his Google calendar. The Studio Owners Academy integrates their account with GoToMeeting, Stripe and Salesforce, cutting out additional steps and reducing the risk of mistakes.

Now the team at Studio Owners Academy can focus on bringing in clients, training them and delivering optimum value. Calendly allowed the academy to eliminate scheduling errors and integrate its business tools to streamline its work—productivity as it should be.


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