University of Arkansas Little Rock ensures students are on the path to completing their degrees

Improving scheduling accessibility to increase college student attendance during office hour advisement

As an educational counselor for the College of Business at University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Louis Scivally—like many education professionals—meets with hundreds of students twice each semester to ensure they’re on track to complete their degrees.

Reducing admin burden and appointment no-shows

However, scheduling those meetings by phone was a burden—not only for the secretary, who spent an estimated 30% of her day fielding calls, but also for Louis. He had to chase down contact information and ID numbers for scheduled students if those details weren’t collected on the phone.

And though he was investing extra effort in preparing for appointments, blocks of time were being wasted on no-shows. Students would have to call the secretary again in order to cancel an appointment. Because of the hassle, sometimes that cancellation call didn’t happen at all. That meant Louis was wasting time preparing for a student that wasn’t coming and students were missing out on critical opportunities for advisement.

Making scheduling immediate and mobile for students on the go

Now, thanks to Calendly’s cancellation features, students can reschedule in a couple clicks. They don’t have to locate the office’s phone number, call during business hours, deal with a busy signal or leave a message and wait for a confirmation. They can choose when to meet with their professor and cancel at any time if a conflict arises. Louis now spends far more time actually meeting with students than he does waiting in an empty office.

Calendly increased the number of students scheduling meetings, meaning more students are getting faculty advisement and staying on track to graduate.

“When students had to call the secretary, appointments would trickle in. Now that they can do it online—especially on their phone—appointments are getting booked instantly.”

With simplified scheduling, the administrative support staff can work more efficiently, enabling Louis to provide a great experience for more students than ever.

“My job revolves around helping students, so if they’re not coming in, I’m not making the best possible use of my time,” he said. “Thankfully, Calendly keeps me busy almost all the time.”


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